Roger Steward (Battlefieldguide and independent scholar), Langemark German Cemetery, a place of myth, misconceptions and mistruths

The second largest German First World War cemetery in Belgium, Langemarks history has been distorted by its use by the Nazis in World War Two for propaganda purposes and as a result of a strong dislike of all things German in Belgium in the 1950s. Subject to many post war design changes, the true history of Langemark has become very difficult to decipher, leading to the many stories that swirl

around the cemetery. Studentenfriedhof to Soldatenfriedhof and its author Roger Steward aims to dispel these many myths and explain the history of the cemetery in an unbiased fashion. Langemark German cemetery is a fascinating place, its multi-faceted and multi layered history is reflected by the layers of history that have influenced its design.

Canterbury venue, University of Kent, Keynes Seminar Room 16, start time 6pm.