St George's Memorial Church and the Eton Memorial School was dedicated by the Rt Reverend Lord Bishop of Fulham on 24th March 1919. The 90th anniversary of this event was commemorated over the weekend of 30th and 31st March. Some photos of the event are displayed below and we will be following up with a detailed update in the very near future.

On Saturday evening, wreaths were laid to honour the 342 Etonion boys who died in the Salient:

The exhortation was recited by Dr Andrew Gailey, Vice- Provost of Eton College:

After the Last Post was sounded and the silence observed, the Kohima Exhortation was recited by Mr Michael Mackenzie:

On Sunday, nearly 100 worshippers gathered at 11am at St George's, to the sound of English peal bells rung by a visiting bell ringing group from All Saints North Cave in East Yorkshire. We gave thanks to the rich history of remembrance at St Georges; for those who have worshipped here over the years and the millions who have found comfort here during an act of remembrance or short visit.

A Rowan tree was planted to commemorate the occasion and pictured below are George Sutherland and John Arnold. George was a pupil at the Memorial School and a few jokes were shared about whether he had handed in his homework or not!

A wreath was also laid by Mrs Jackie Tarrant-Barrett at the stone commemorating the Eton boys: