St Georges Memorial Church Bellringers Ypres, have just finished their third session of training with the ART team of trainers from the UK led by Clare McArdle from Birmingham.

We had a meet and greet on Wednesday 4th April in the church hall, where we all got to know each other over food and drink. We had a great evening, we were also joined by Don Jones, the congregation and ringers from St Peter & St Paul Church Eckington, Derbyshire. There ringers very kindly gave some of us a few rounds beforehand, (they also had a service in the church on Friday).

Thursday, we began our training and were joined by two new learners to the group Ivan and Mieke from Ypres.

We had a very successful week with 5 Level Ones and 2 Level Twos being given out. I also managed to do a Quarter Peal with a few of our teachers.

Monday, 9 April 2018 (6–1–11 in B)

1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1 Mike Gander

2 Ian Griffiths

3 John Gwynne (C)

4 Lucy Gwynne

5 Clare McArdle

6 Liz Millward

First Quarter by a member of the local band (6).

On Tuesday being the last evening for our teachers, we decided to take them to Toms Hopperie an excellent local bar with games and over 200 Belgian Beers to choose from.

Here we had the presentation of certificates for Session 2 and Session 3

Session 2 = Level Ones

Martin Adshead, Hugh Shipman, Frank Pawels and Kristof Moonen

Session 3 = Level Ones

Sven Berg, Monique Meirlaan, Albert Denturck, Frederik Vandenbroucke, Marlies Boink

Session 3 = Level Twos

Kristof Moonen, Liz Millward

Gifts for the teachers were given out to thank them for all their help and support. They have amazing patience,

Our 4th Sessions begin with a Meet and Greet on Wednesday 23rd May, they will be led by Vinni Sullivan.

In the meantime, we will keep our hand in by ringing with visiting Groups from the UK and a group from Australia (yes, bellringing is worldwide, but we have the first set of change ringing bells in a church tower in Europe),

Bellringing is a very social activity and our members are thoroughly enjoying the commitment, and fellowship they are building up as well as learning a new skill.

This year we are proud to be part of the Ringing Remembers project